European Diary 2

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  • High-quality kraft paper, smooth and easy to write, does not penetrate the ink, can keep the writing page clean for a long time. A5 paper 4.3″x6.5″(21x14cm), suitable as a daily notebook, mood diary, travel album, handbook
  • Close to the 2mm thick hardcover will not damage the book for a long time smooth and clear cover, and the rounded design increases comfort during use.
  • Notebook thickness is about 20mm, which contains 96 colorful pages and different styles of kraft paper, like vintage envelope styles, stamps, hand-painted architectural drawings, postmarks, flowers, etc, horizontal lines pages, grid pages, and also with blank pages for you to DIY, white and yellow kraft paper
  • The notebook is exquisite and contains ribbon bookmarks. It is convenient for recording and reading the number of pages at any time. The printing on both the front cover and the inner page is very clear and bright. It is safer and more environmentally friendly by hand-sewing with white cotton thread. It is very strong and difficult to lose even after long-term use
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