Needle Tip Glue Bottle

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  • Material: the bottle of the applicator is translucent and made of soft high-quality plastic, easy to squeeze and reusable; the precision needle is made of rust-proof metal, with a caliber of only 1 mm, which is only suitable for thin liquids and glues; the needle has a soft silicone nib cover, which can well prevent the liquid from drying out or leaking.
  • Excellent precision tool: the soft bottle of 1 oz with a thin needle tip is very suitable for applying precise amount of glue. The nib is very delicate and can well control the flow of ink and other liquids. It is very suitable for quilling, painting, dyeing, drawing, handcrafting, and other projects that require small drops of liquid.
  • The colored Tip and mini funnel: 8 colors of colored tip can help to distinguish between different glues and liquids; the caliber of the bottle of the applicator is only 8 mm. The mini funnel is very helpful for adding thin glues and liquids.
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